Nullarbor Traveller

Nullarbor Traveller (tel (08) 8364 0407) runs nine and 10-day tours between Adelaide and Perth.

Although the Nullabor Traveller is a tour rather than a hop-on hop-off bus there are very few places on the Nullarbor that most travellers would want to stay for longer than a day if they were travelling independently so it is an excellent way of covering this vast distance while seeing all the interesting bits en route.

The westbound route is a day longer than travel in the opposite direction. The reason for this is that the eastbound service travels through Western Australia’s central wheatbelt to visit Wave Rock and visits South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, while the westbound service follows Western Australia’s coastline.

The Adelaide–Perth tour is a 10-day trip includes the Flinders Ranges, the Western Australia coast and the Margaret River region. This trip costs $1495.

The Perth–Adelaide tour is a nine-day trip that visits Wave Rock and Esperance in Western Australia and also has a strong focus on the Eyre Peninsula. This tour includes the opportunity to swim with tuna and at Port Lincoln there is an optional caged swim with Great White Sharks. This tour costs $1395.

Nullarbor Traveller also have a couple of shorter tours including a six-day Adelaide to Eyre Peninsula trip for $870 and a six-day Perth to Esperance trip for $770.